International Woman's Day

International Women’s Day: Why RecMarketing Exists

Another year passes and International Women’s Day is here again. For me it’s a reflection day. How flexible working has improved since last year in terms of getting woman back into work (if they choose to)? Enabling them to do what they enjoy, and in a way that suits them.

For me this year has been a journey.  I wrote a post last year about international women’s day and having a choice about going back to work after having children. My view has changed a bit, or rather the landscape has.

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international women’s day – flexible working

flexible working

I was a Marketing Consultant and it was good, it fitted around my young children. I was able to do the school runs and activities without too much compromise. At the end of the year I started to think about giving back, I was mentoring a Marketing Executive and thoroughly enjoying knowledge sharing. I realised I had an opportunity to get other people on board with me, in different capacities which really helps our clients. We were growing and I couldn’t do everything myself and so RecMarketing was born.

It exists to not only help our clients but to also help others get back into the workforce. In a flexible way, in a way that suits them and their situation – whatever that maybe.

Our journey may not have been a planned out business set up but it’s grown organically. We have great freelancers and clients coming along with us on our journey.

We hear from many of our clients about increase in flexibility in working and how many company’s are adapting to it. is really flying the flag for getting mums back into the workforce, but they don’t stop there, and all form part of their group. They are going out there and convincing big brands (Sky, Aviva & Macmillan to name a few) to embrace flexibility and they’ve had great success. They weren’t around last year.

what’s next?

The landscape is changing in a positive way.  Returning to work is very different to how it was when I was looking at returning. It’s great, but there are still so many skills left out of the workforce purely down to flexibility. I understand it can be hard for a business to offer flexibility. But I encourage the exploration of implementing it, there are options to help and the Employer Brand benefits are huge.

I’m really looking forward to see what the next year will bring and how the landscape may change even further.

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