Data Marketing

Having a database full of contacts is great, but are you using it properly? Some key questions to ask when looking at your database for marketing purposes:

  • Is the contact data used frequently?
  • Do you have consent to use their contact details?
  • Have you kept a suppression list?
  • Have you broken users down into groups?
  • How long have you kept data on there for?

Keeping accurate information on your database is vital to communicating back to potential clients or candidates. Adding entries of different communication stages enables you to create automated marketing programmes and tailored offering back to them.

GDPR is coming into play at the end of May 2018, it affects so many parts of business but the data that you keep and how you use it will be most impacted, get ahead of the game and get compliant. If you want some advice on GDPR and marketing activities please do let us know.

We love data! If you aren’t sure where to start with your Database and making sure it is working effectively for you, get in contact.