Top 5 Recruitment Videos

Top 5 Recruitment Videos Impacting Employer Brand

One of the biggest recruitment trends in 2018 is the impact recruitment videos will have. Not only on the recruitment process but also engagement and retention.


Where recruitment videos play a part

There are great number of suppliers involved in these journey’s. Be it Candidate attraction, with ‘work for us’ videos, along with Employer Brand video (see Jobviddy ) snapshots posted on the companies Social Networks. In addition, there have been some really exciting use of video in interactive jobs, (see Rapt Media). Here you click through different parts of the video for profiling or to get access to different parts of the video. The most competitive landscape is the use of video interviewing, working especially well for large volume applications, enabling the hiring manager to quickly sort and view applicants. (see HireVue). Once the candidate has been offered, a great number of video tools are available to help onboard and train new starters. Panopto has a whole suite of tools that enable employees to progress through onboarding and training within one platform.

We took a look at some great examples of how video has been used for candidate attraction. They really show off who the business is and what sort of people they are looking for. So here are 5 that we have chosen.


SodaStream – Join the Revolution

First of is SodaStream, their CEO has teamed up with Game of Thrones star, Thom Bjornsson (That’s The Mountain!). The aim of the video was to attract talent from around the world to fill positions open in 45 countries. Not only does it highlight the environmental benefits of the product, something we should all be taking note off, it has humour. I must admit it made me think differently about SodaStream, it’s not the 90s gadget we had in the kitchen that would magically turn the syrup into a bubbly drink. It’s a business that can help reduce the plastic waste. A cause that a lot of prospective employees would want to get on board with.


RB (Reckitt Benckiser) – Make Your Move

RB has been making innovative products for over 150 years. It includes some of the world’s biggest brands, millions of people using their brands on a daily basis. This video is a few years old now but it’s still a brilliant example of getting the attention of the key groups they’re looking to hire. It’s a fast-paced, energetic and entertaining look at RB’s qualities and brands. Again, like SodaStream, it has humour, little touches with the direction that make you laugh and engage with the business. To keep the engagement flowing, at the end of the video you are directed down two different paths, go into another room at RB or meet Paul. It’s a refreshing view of the household brands you interactive so frequently without even acknowledging.


Heineken – Go Places

Especially relevant is this fun employer brand campaign from Heineken. It’s an interactive experience, aimed at engaging future potential employees. ‘The Curator of Choices’ walks you through 12 questions, throughout the 7 minute video. You are given a time indication to answer each question within 3-5 seconds. It features Heineken employees so the idea is you are given an insight into the company. The questions are not just related to their brand but also how you feel in situations. As a result, it’s a great tool for profiling Heineken’s candidates. It is a really interesting model as to how to use interactive video. I recommend you running through the video to see how it works, you can get the interactive version here. I’m profiled as an Initiator!


Will you fit into Deloitte

Created for Deloitte New Zealand Graduate hires. It’s an interactive recruiting video that takes viewers inside the Deloitte culture while also educating on Deloitte’s various service lines. By clicking on choices within the video, viewers get to walk in the shoes of a new Deloitte employee, deciding his courses of action. You can view the intereactive version here.



Fiverr – Another Generic Recruitment Video

This recruitment video from Fiverr takes a good crack at a spoof on what not to do in a recruitment video. It takes a dig at the standard corporate recruitment videos that we are seeing popping up.  As a result the Fiverr careers video is funny whilst also showing off great offices. The end message: “If you’re the best at what you do – come work at Fiverr!”

These are just a few of the Recruitment videos that we thought stood out. If you have any recommendations, please pop the link to the video in the comments or contact us.

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