RecMarketing superheros

Why I started a Marketing Agency for the Recruitment Industry

February 2006 I was a young Marketing grad ready to start my career. Little did I know that I’d be starting a Marketing Agency 12 years later. I knew I wanted to work in marketing but which industry I had no idea. Yep I ‘fell’ into the recruitment industry, like most of us, starting life at MSB, (now Networkers, part of Gattaca). It was a quick learning curve but something that has given me a good foundation for the industry.

Then moving over to Jobsite (and the many brands with the group) I really found my passion. Revenue! And all things that affected it. Revenue generating emails, site inventory, product launches, model building. You name it, we tested it.

I will be forever thankful for my time there, amazing people and mentors, many who are still around today to lend an ear. Not only did I learn a lot from them, but they were also extremely flexible when I had my first child. I returned to what can only be described as a truly flexible role. Now we are talking a fair few years ago and I was definitely the envy of my friends that couldn’t go back on such terms and had to decide between family or career.

Consultant Life

That business was changing and it was time for me to take a different step in my career and so my consultancy life began. This was great, I could choose who I worked with and when I worked, it fitted around my family and I was helping recruitment businesses grow.

It was too good almost, my clients were fab and I had great relationships with them but I wanted to give them more and I couldn’t deliver that on my own. So on the Christmas break I took a step back and evaluated what I wanted to do for the rest of my working life, how I can continue help businesses.

flex is best

RecMarketing was born, no fundamental changes were made, it’s still me. What I decided to do was expand my offering and build a team around me to help me deliver client requirements, enabling us to help more.

Building a team around you is rewarding in so many ways, something I’ve not done before. I’ve built teams for projects and clients but not for myself.

  • They’ve all bought into the journey that we are on and are helping achieve those goals
  • They are sharing the burden of tasks that used to all fall on my shoulders
  • Trust, I trust them to keep pushing and delivering even if I’m not there.
  • Letting go has been one of the hardest things I’ve done, they’ve shown me that I can pass things over and it will work.

Our clients have been super too, they are with us on the transition from consultant to agency and we are making great progress for them. The team we’ve built now enables us to bring in specialist skillsets for different projects. The learning from activities can be shared between clients and we are constantly improving.

And one thing that I am really proud to say is that everyone is flexible working. We are all on hand to cover off tasks if someone isn’t around and so far so good. It has enabled me to bring skillsets back into the workforce that weren’t working before, purely down to inflexibility.

So 7 months in from RecMarketing being official and I’m truly grateful for the team that we have, it’s so fulfilling watching them grow and also pushing me. Without them I’d not be able to take a holiday this year, which was looking really doubtful at the beginning of the year. I know things won’t stop if I’m not glued to my laptop. So thanks to them all!

And a thanks to our clients, those that have been here at the beginning and ones that have joined us on the journey. We really do value each and every one of you.

Now for a week off…